We are:

Evology is an end-to-end innovation platform whose main target is resourcing, development and integration of smart technology into B2B  and  C2B  wearable goods.

The technology application arise from humanity will be omnipresent.
From the B2B market, we assist our customers to build their own user ecosystem, and let the users to redefine the value of their clothes.

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It is our pleasure to develop advanced wearable products with you:

  • Startup Companies: We are able to quickly bring you into prominence by our outstanding and high-quality services.
  • Conductive Material Companies: To better the function of sensor-integrated wearable
  • Engineering Materials Manufacturers with cutting-edge technology
  • Software developer: To collect and to process information collected by the wearable
  • Brands, business of sports, hospitals, long-term care institutes, etc.

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