Clients bring their rough concepts to us, and we provide all the technical information required for the concept to be executed by the prototyping team. Feasibility Assessment is part of the Technical information that will be given by our team to minimize risks.


A pattern is flat but the body is not. There is a saying that “Pattern making is a bridge function between design and production”. In Sabrina, our pattern-making team takes advantage of the 3D System to draft 3D patterns from prototype to production.


We have ON-SITE sampling modules for activewear. Our team is experienced with all kinds of activewear. With experiences and our cutting-edge technology such as ultrasonic and bonding, our team helps our clients to get sample products made before mass production to ensure the desired product is of good quality and design.


We take every piece of garment seriously. To ensure the quality, during the production process, we make sure that all of our employees follow the strict guiding rules.