Sabrina ESG Report

Our sustainability approach is based on economic, environmental and social performance, because we know that high-performance culture must go hand-in-hand with a culture of responsibility.


In Sabrina, we strive to improve our procedures and performance across a wide front. Our overriding focus is on securing profitability, providing environmentally sound products and services, and ensuring responsible business conduct.


For us, economic responsibility means striving to ensure that we are profitable in order to create long-term value for our financial sustainability and the wider economic system. Our economic impact spans over customers, suppliers, governments and society at large.


While we put efforts in groundbreaking innovation that fulfills the needs of clients, we make sure that the environment and human rights are not at expense of achieving profitability.


Thus, sound risk management and sustainable business practices are crucial to our economic responsibility. Our business Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics helps us find a way to balance our pursuit of profits and sound business practices.


We see amazing transformation when our employees are empowered. With education and confidence, any of our employees can be a leader in the factory, in our communities, and within the society. Our Social Responsibility multiplies the impact of education and aims at enriching the quality of life.


In order to pass on a sustainable and healthy planet to future generations, we believe in the importance of using resources efficiently and preventing environmental pollution. We have launched some leading practices in environmental sustainability designed to increase awareness of environmental concerns, minimize pollution, and protect employees, customers, and future generations.